Respect My Step

Project Description

Respect My Step is a project set to connect the dance community via viral video and social identity. An online network where dancers and non-dancers alike can come together to share ideas in dance, culture, and innovation. The idea began to brew when an unlikely duo of choreographer, Jermaine Browne, and technologist, Edgardo Burgos, began to discuss the future of dance as well as advancements in technology.

“I wanted to give dance a bigger voice.” said Jermaine. “Get it to a larger audience and put a name to the nameless faces who share a passion for dance. A place to bring everyone together.”

“Technology affects every sector in life and culture,” continued Edgardo,  “I started thinking about how the dance community was affected. How can technology embrace the dance community?”

Together, they learned about each others fields, discovered and explored possibilities to make their vision come true, and created the perfect synergy of technology and dance. With a name like Respect My Step – everyone can relate.

Jermaine explains: “Peoples passions are a part of them and they shouldn’t be judged for what they enjoy to do. You are who you are and you should be respected for that.”

Project Details